Merkle’s Latest Offering Leverages First-Party Data and AI to Drive Engagement

Merkle has announced its latest offering - Merkle GenCX - that harnesses the power of generative AI to create more impactful customer experiences. Initially developed on dentsu's secure Azure OpenAI platform, Merkle GenCX leverages vast amounts of brands' first-party data to gain valuable insights into customer interactions, behaviors, sentiments, and engagements. By applying AI in this way, the solution enables businesses to foster connected and tailored customer experiences that drive better customer engagement and satisfaction.

"As AI continues to explode, brands have a massive opportunity to use the technology to inform and create relevant, personal experiences at scale, leveraging first-party data. Merkle GenCX makes it possible for clients to speak to their customers on a human level and gain a distinct competitive advantage," said Shirli Zelcer, global head of analytics and data platforms at Merkle.

In today's data-driven landscape, brands are faced with the task of effectively utilizing their first-party data to deliver personalized experiences. Merkle's GenCX solution addresses this challenge by creating extensive knowledge models (LKMs) and using the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) on their clients' proprietary data.

This process generates valuable insights, audience segmentation, creative ideas, and campaign recommendations, all accessible through a user-friendly chat-based interface. By employing GenCX, brands benefit from faster and more accurate results, allowing marketers to make informed decisions efficiently.

Generative AI Large Knowledge Models (LKMs) have the capability to be trained on extensive performance data, allowing them to understand the connections between various variables and enabling marketers to extract valuable insights from the data. By incorporating AI-driven insights and decision-making into every customer interaction, brands can create more meaningful and personalized experiences for their customers.

Merkle GenCX leverages this powerful capability to swiftly generate data-based audiences and segments while also extracting business intelligence from natural language, all in real-time.

Merkle has also recently revealed its identity resolution engine, powered by Snowflake.