Persado Unveils Generative AI-Powered Central Hub to Enhance Customer Engagement for Marketers

Persado has introduced Essential Motivation - its latest platform that serves as a generative AI-powered central hub catering to digital marketers across various sectors. Its primary purpose is to enable marketers to craft messages that resonate emotionally, driving higher customer engagement and conversion rates swiftly.

Essential Motivation's unique feature is its seamless integration with a company's existing marketing tools, allowing for the automatic deployment of tailored language. Moreover, it possesses the capability to yield results autonomously, while continuously learning and adapting to better connect with and captivate customers.

“Myriad content distribution plug-ins, such as CMS GenAI, DAM GenAI, and DCO GenAI, with no connection to each other, put brands at risk of exhibiting ‘multiple AI personality disorder. Essential Motivation enables control of language across channels and plug-ins. It unifies a brand’s values and voice to meet the moment and connect with each customer on stronger relational and transactional levels. In addition to the F500 companies already benefiting from Persado, mid-size e-commerce organizations can now turbo boost their marketing impact—from customer acquisition, to conversion, to brand loyalty,” explained Vipul Vyas, SVP of Go-to-Market Strategy, Persado.

Through the introduction of Essential Motivation, Persado is offering organizations from various sectors a low-risk avenue to harness the benefits of GenAI for their marketing content. This capability harnesses the power of Persado's extensive LLMs, which continuously learn from marketing messages and their outcomes. This allows digital marketers to create and enhance text that has been demonstrated, in real-world scenarios, to effectively inspire consumers to take action and make conversions.

Persado's Essential Motivation is designed to swiftly integrate into operations, providing rapid access to potent marketing and advertising language.

Benefits for CRM teams  

Experiencing real-time content creation with the ability to generate endless copy alternatives from the ground up or enhance existing messages. This versatility spans across diverse digital platforms, encompassing elements like subject lines, complete emails, web content (including landing pages and banners), SMS, mobile push notifications, and paid media like Google, social media, and display advertisements.

Leveraging valuable content insights applicable to all marketing campaigns. The solutions allows teams to obtain actionable information in seconds regarding both the original creative content and Persado AI-generated messages. These insights include predictive performance scores, which gauge a message's effectiveness in prompting customer engagement, as well as language and emotion attributes derived from Persado's extensive knowledge base.

Fine-tuning the content to match the brand's distinctive voice. It enables the integration of additional prompts and terms that align with the brand's unique style and the objectives of campaigns.

After obtaining approval for the content, one can seamlessly transfer the selected copy to the chosen delivery platform(s) for instant implementation.

Distinct dataset  

In contrast to other extensive language models like ChatGPT, which draw insights from the vast expanse of the internet, the Persado Motivation AI platform undergoes training using a distinct dataset. This dataset is composed of genuine interactions and transactional data from 150 million consumers in the United States. This specialized dataset is employed to enhance factors such as language dynamics, emotional reactions, and levels of engagement.

Essential Motivation serves as a continuation of Persado's acclaimed AI platform, known for driving a range of generative AI solutions tailored for marketing purposes. This platform includes a variety of supplementary solutions, such as:

Elite Motivation utilizes the capabilities of Motivation AI to carry out impactful machine learning experiments. These experiments not only enhance overall performance but also unveil profound language insights across multiple digital channels like email, web, SMS, and social media. Through access to Persado's predictive individual language profiles, brands from various sectors gain access to invaluable language-related insights.

Dynamic Motivation enables the generation of adaptable and personalized marketing language that aligns with the current context in real-time, influenced by consumer actions. This dynamic approach significantly enhances marketing effectiveness throughout the digital journey, encompassing elements like landing pages, website banners and buttons, and email communication. When deployed during critical stages like online shopping cart and checkout processes, the solution reinforces consumers' purchase intentions and minimizes instances of cart abandonment.

Persado Essential Motivation is now accessible in the United States, offering flexible subscription plans and a 30-day trial option for brands to experience the software first-hand.

In other news, Persado has published a study that showed that partnering with a strategic AI vendor can have a significant impact on a brand's revenue.