Salesforce Announces Automotive Cloud

Salesforce has announced a new vertical solution specifically built for automakers, dealers and automotive finance groups - Automotive Cloud.

The solution aims to deliver exceptional service and experiences with every customer interaction, improve lead conversion and leverage industry-specific analytics and automation in the automotive industry.

Automotive Cloud is powered by Driver 360, a solution which provides a data-rich overview of customers to help drive better decisions. Through the Driver Console, service teams can keep track of customer interactions and customize alerts such as car browsing or purchase history.

With the Household Management feature, automotive companies can create a more detailed image of a household’s vehicle ownership and previous interactions so that dealers can personalize offers and sales in future.

The Cloud also has Vehicle Console which allows any team member to access comprehensive vehicle information, including odometer readings, vehicle market value and more.

“The automotive industry is facing a new digital imperative amidst massive upheaval brought on by the rise of direct-to-consumer models and the dawn of the electric vehicle age. But with great disruption comes great opportunity, and companies accelerating into the digital-first future with technology like Automotive Cloud can gain a competitive edge while simultaneously future-proofing their businesses," said Achyut Jajoo, SVP & GM of Manufacturing and Automotive, Salesforce.
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Automation and Analytics Features

Automotive Cloud brings a number of features that leverage automation and analytics to identify new revenue streams and drive more informed decisions.

Flow for Automotive offers intelligent automation to streamline the build and delivery of branded and automated experiences, such as vehicle order status updates or shipment delay notifications. This way team members can complete more tasks and boost efficiency.

Analytics for Automotive provides insights into sales and business performance, customer and asset lifecycle, as well as various revenue trends, to help sales teams deliver better business outcomes.

Finally, Salesforce Genie ties all customer and vehicle data across channels and interactions to maintain a real-time customer profile.

New Selling Models

The solution also comes with two management capabilities that provide better collaboration between automakers and dealers and drive better experiences.

Automotive Lead Management connects dealers and automakers by providing both with unique customer and vehicle history and enabling them to route the high-value leads to the individual’s preferred dealership.

Dealer Performance Management enables automakers to analyze dealership performance by region and monitor lead pipelines. Based on this data, automakers can better coordinate sales agreements, site visits, and more.

The global availability of Automotive Cloud begins on October 17, 2022.