Sitecore’s OpenAI Integration Brings Generative AI to Martech Stack

Digital experience platform Sitecore has announced that it has integrated Open AI ChatGPT into its software solutions. Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, this integration will allow marketers to incorporate Generative AI capabilities into their martech stack, enabling them to increase efficiency, personalize content, and produce content at scale across Sitecore's entire range of software solutions.

In March 2023, Sitecore conducted a survey in collaboration with Advanis, a global social research firm. The survey found that 74% of US marketers are currently investing in generative AI technologies to enhance their marketing or customer experience functions. Moreover, 23% of US marketers are considering investing in this technology in the near future. These findings highlight that generative AI is a crucial advancement for brand marketers who want to provide customers with intuitive, engaging digital experiences by personalizing content quickly.

"While 77% of US marketers feel their technology can handle AI demands, 45% are concerned by the significant costs they perceive will be required to maintain growth. Sitecore's composable platform helps combat this fear by giving Sitecore customers the ability to leverage our unique, composable offering, which allows brands to control when and how much spend they can invest depending on customer needs," explains Dave O'Flanagan, Chief Product Officer, Sitecore.

Sitecore offers a fully-composable solution that gives marketers maximum flexibility to customize their own solutions by integrating their own AI through open APIs and configurable UIs. The company has already integrated ChatGPT into its XM Cloud CMS to enable near-instant translations and to improve marketing copy targeted at specific segments and destination channels. Additionally, Sitecore customers can utilize Dall-E to create image variants for omnichannel campaigns managed through its Content Cloud.

According to the Advanis survey, 79% of US marketers believe that AI is the most crucial investment in martech, while digital experience software is their second priority. Software providers that can incorporate generative AI functions into their digital experience software offerings will be addressing the primary needs of solution-oriented brands.