SoundHound, Samsung, and White Castle Transform Fast Food Ordering

SoundHound AI and Samsung Electronics have partnered with White Castle, an American fast-food chain, to introduce voice-activated outdoor digital signage solutions that will transform how brands engage with consumers.

“With White Castle Cravers everywhere hungry for our hot and tasty menu options, we are investing in processing orders at the drive thru even more swiftly. By working with tech innovators at SoundHound and Samsung, we’ve been able to create an engaging ordering experience that customers are loving. It’s the model for tomorrow today – and evidence of how friendly technology and great partners can be a game changer,” said Mike Guinan, Vice President of Operations Services at White Castle.

This partnership will bring voice AI-enhanced dynamic drive-thru menu boards to White Castle restaurants. These menu boards incorporate SoundHound's advanced speech recognition technology and Samsung's MagicINFO digital signage software. Together, they deliver interactive ordering experiences for customers and valuable real-time insights for the brand.

“In uniting our extensive voice AI expertise with Samsung’s MagicINFO display technology, we’ve created a first-class interactive experience for White Castle’s drive-thru customers. We look forward to finding new opportunities to partner to unlock the power of digital outdoor signage and turn menus into interactive restaurant portals with almost limitless possibilities,” says James Hom, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SoundHound.

The voice AI-enabled drive-thru menu boards proved to be a game-changer in food ordering, with less than 60 seconds of processing and an impressive 90% order completion rate. This has pushed/motivated SoundHound and Samsung to continue working together on future projects.

They aim to extend this adaptable and replicable format to boost sales and provide customers with delightful experiences they will appreciate.

“With MagicINFO, Samsung is helping transform menu boards from simple, static displays to personalized, easy-to-navigate experiences for the customer that also deliver business benefits to the restaurant. By integrating SoundHound’s AI-driven voice technology, we’re providing an extraordinary experience for White Castle customers when it comes to enjoying what they love. This is just the beginning of a relationship that will propel their brand to the cutting-edge of customer experiences powered by innovation,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President of the Display & Home Entertainment Divisions at Samsung Electronics.

Just a few days ago, SoundHound partnered with Olo to boost the dining experience with its voice AI technology, making SoundHound's technology accessible to approximately 77,000 establishments that rely on Olo's solutions.