Sprinklr and Google Cloud Integration Takes AI to the Next Level

Sprinklr has revealed the integration of its AI+ platform with Google Cloud's Vertex AI to enhance unified customer experience management for modern enterprises.

Sprinklr AI+ offers brands a comprehensive generative AI solution for customer service, insights, social media management, and marketing. Customers using Sprinklr will have the flexibility to either use their own models from Vertex AI or develop new ones. These models can then be seamlessly integrated with Sprinklr's proprietary AI capabilities, resulting in increased productivity, improved decision-making, and enhanced customer experiences.

“This expanded partnership with Google Cloud allows us to offer our customers access to their preferred generative AI platforms integrated with Sprinklr’s proprietary AI+ focused specifically on deriving insights from unstructured customer experience (CX) data. Together we can help the world’s most iconic brands leverage AI to break down silos and empower marketing, sales, and customer service professionals to serve customers the way they should in the new world,” said Sprinklr Founder and CEO Ragy Thomas.

By harnessing the generative AI capabilities of Google Cloud's Vertex AI APIs, Sprinklr customers can access a range of new features that benefit all four Sprinklr product suites: Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Social, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Insights.

"Generative AI can create entirely new experiences for users and value for businesses,"  "Through our partnership, Vertex AI will power new generative AI experiences for Sprinklr users while ensuring the highest levels of data privacy and security," said Rodrigo Rocha, Director of Global Partnerships at Google Cloud.

Benefits for retail companies  

Retail companies are set to enhance the efficiency of their contact centers, leveraging generative AI capabilities to assist service agents. Instead of losing time to fine-tune drafted responses, agents can draft a response and easily adjust factors like length, tone, grammar, and more with a simple click. In the past, AI could recommend a relevant knowledge base article for a specific case. However, Sprinklr AI+ can generate a personalized excerpt from the chosen article for the agent to instantly modify and incorporate into a real-time response.

Benefits for tech companies  

Technology firms can transform their advertising campaign planning and content creation processes by utilizing Sprinklr AI+. They can create detailed campaign briefs, generate content tailored for specific channels using natural prompts, and quickly make content revisions with a few clicks instead of spending hours on laborious editing.

Sprinklr AI+ assistive features will become accessible to all Sprinklr customers in early September.