Thoughtworks Launches AI Hub in Europe to Drive Business Transformation 

Technology consultancy company Thoughtworks has introduced its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub in Europe, offering a range of services designed to help European businesses leverage AI effectively, aligning AI solutions with their strategic goals and overall business outcomes.  

“AI for business is now developing at speed and formulating an AI strategy will help businesses to navigate through the noise to the real business gains. Thoughtworks Europe’s AI Hub addresses all aspects of AI, including generative AI, and makes the crucial connection between AI, business strategy and execution. We ensure our clients go beyond the hype cycle and make an extraordinary impact in a more human-centric AI future.”said Peter Buhrmann, Managing Director of Europe, Thoughtworks.

While most companies initially use AI to boost efficiency and cut expenses, such technology can also be used for developing inventive products. Businesses can leverage it to enhance strategic decision-making in fields like supply-chain management or new product creation. The AI Hub introduces leaders to a more people-centered approach, where AI becomes a "technology co-worker" that collaborates with human skills and expertise, rather than replacing them, to drive innovation and success.

“The collaboration with Thoughtworks went well from day one. Using modern technologies, they created a comprehensive plan and helped kickstart our AI development. All aspects of our business have benefited from the results, saving us a substantial amount of time and allowing us to provide better quality to our customers,” said Mikko Rekola, CTO, Bolt.Works.

The AI Hub offers a comprehensive approach suitable for European organizations of all sizes. It blends elements of business strategy, human-centered AI services, and technical know-how to guarantee that AI investments align with business objectives and incorporate cutting-edge technical skills. Through a set of modular services, including value-focused portfolio management, AI maturity assessment, and risk management evaluations, ThoughtWorks swiftly identifies practical and profitable use cases. This assists businesses in developing and executing their AI strategies effectively.