UKG Wants to Make Workplaces Great with New AI Assistant

UKG has introduced UKG Bryte, an AI-powered assistant that helps employees, people and HR managers extract valuable insights into workplace experience. The company enabled customers to take an exclusive sneak peek of the solution at the UKG Aspire conference in Las Vegas.

Over the last few years, the company has deployed more than 2,500 AI models in production to support better outcomes for both people and businesses. In line with this, UKG trained Bryte on a large collection of people, workforce, and culture data for it to be able to surface critical trends and timely recommendations. As a result, businesses can become "great places to work."

Some of UKG Bryte's capabilities include guiding HR professionals in enhancing their effectiveness as a Great Place To Work “For All Leaders.” Great Place To Work Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience.

Further, the assistant provides practical advice in key HR areas to tackle underlying trends and create new ways for organizations to improve.

According to the company's latest study, implementing AI can transform company culture and benefit both employees and employers. Indeed, UKG is leading by example, adding GenAI-powered summarization of peer and self-feedback to Bryte to help employees and managers effectively pursue performance goals.

Finally, UKG Bryte can proactively identify opportunities for frontline employees to learn new skills, helping them grow in their roles and careers and realizing their potential.

“UKG Bryte illuminates insights that people may not be thinking about in the moment yet have the potential to make a big impact on the future. The future is Bryte for UKG and will be even brighter for organizations around the world with the introduction of our powerful tool, designed entirely in service of people, to spotlight more opportunities to provide a great place to work for all people,” said Hugo Sarrazin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at UKG.

UKG is continually working on empowering companies with generative AI, specifically through its Great Place to Work Hub. The Hub helps businesses use generative AI to surface contextual insights that lead them to specific actions and best practices. One of the practical examples includes a job genius that gives hiring managers a good start to writing job descriptions and interview questions.