Verint Launches Automated PII Redaction Bot to Enhance Data Privacy and Compliance 

Verint has launched the Verint Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Redaction Bot, allowing organizations to automate compliance, minimize risk, and protect sensitive customer data, including credit card and social security numbers and date of birth.

In April, Verint unveiled enhanced features for its Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to collect insights and automate customer experiences throughout the company.

“With data privacy laws increasing across the globe to help protect citizens, brands need to comply, or they risk having damaged reputations and a lack of trust from customers due to the possibility of data breaches. And even if that data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, it can still spell financial disaster from costly fines due to non-compliance. Verint’s PII Redaction Bot joins the large team of bots available on the Verint Open CCaaS Platform and leverages Verint’s DaVinci AI and Engagement Data Hub to elevate an organization’s existing data protection strategies,” says David Singer, Global Vice President, Go-to-Market Strategy, Verint.

Verint's Open CCaaS Platform provides various methods to safeguard data, ensuring customers' utmost security and compliance. The practice of redacting sensitive information has been in use for some time but often relies on manual processes, which can be prone to human errors. Verint's PII Redaction Bot offers an automated solution that identifies and removes personally identifiable information (PII) from interaction data. This bot can work alongside other techniques, such as automated screen triggers, to effectively redact PII.

The Verint PII Redaction Bot is one of the specialized bots within Verint's suite of bots, which is driven by the Verint Open CCaaS Platform, its platform that recently became available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.