Box and Google Cloud Unite for Enhanced Data Processing and Content Management

Content Cloud space platform Box has partnered with Google Cloud to enhance enterprise work through generative AI. Box will collaborate with Vertex AI to create advanced AI capabilities that streamline the processing and analysis of data stored within the Box Content Cloud. Furthermore, customers can now access the Box Content Cloud directly via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Enterprises today want to work with strategic technology platforms that can help them work smarter and more productively. Google Cloud is an incredibly important partner that helps us serve our customers globally. This deepened partnership underscores our joint commitment to delivering solutions that leverage cutting edge technology to power entirely new ways for users to intelligently interact with their content and revolutionize the way businesses operate in the AI-first era,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box.

Collaborating with Vertex AI 

Box is integrating Vertex AI to expedite data processing and analysis for customers, creating personalized user experiences, enhancing intelligent search capabilities, and offering additional benefits to users.

Expanding on the previous announcement of Box integrating Google Cloud's advanced large-language models (LLMs) into Box AI, Box will now utilize Vertex AI to enhance its new metadata extraction feature. This feature, initially available as an API, will save customers time by automatically identifying and tagging important contexts within their documents. It will match metadata fields with attributes in files, allowing customers to automatically categorize and label documents on a large scale, uncovering vital insights like contracts approaching expiration and invoices requiring payment in the current month.

In addition, it will enable the creation of metadata templates for custom use cases, such as automatically recognizing and tagging products in images.

This move will also populate defined metadata templates and integrate them with ERP and CRM systems to automate various workflows, including invoicing, contract execution, client and employee onboarding, and more.

 “Generative AI can streamline some of the most time-consuming processes facing enterprises today, such as manual data entry and analysis. Our expanded partnership with Box will provide customers with new tools that help them quickly process and create insights from documents stored within Box Content Cloud, saving time that users can reallocate towards more impactful work,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

Box is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace 

Box is now accessible through the Google Cloud Marketplace, simplifying the acquisition of Box's content management platform for customers utilizing Google Cloud infrastructure. This move will allow customers to reduce cycle times with faster procurement processes and streamline billing.

Expanding the partnership even further

Box is taking its partnership further by incorporating several new Google Cloud services in networking, data analytics, and machine learning to enhance performance and reliability for its customers.

Box is utilizing Google Cloud for storage within Box KeySafe, allowing Box customers to use their encryption keys. This gives customers more flexibility in choosing where to store their encryption keys.

Moreover, it is leveraging Google Cloud's worldwide networking infrastructure to boost network communication with customers, resulting in quicker content transfers and increased customer productivity worldwide.

Cloud Bigtable is being used to enhance the performance and uptime of the core data systems powering Box, ensuring a more reliable service for customers in securing and managing their content.

The company is harnessing Google Cloud BigQuery to enhance its data applications, analytics, and insights. With BigQuery, Box can now provide customers with more comprehensive and faster data-driven insights.

Google Workspace integrations 

The extended partnership with Google Workspace allows Box customers to seamlessly integrate Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides within the Box Content Cloud platform. This enables users to create, access, and modify content directly in Box using Google Workspace tools, simplifies email attachment management, and enhances productivity across Google Workspace applications while maintaining robust security and compliance.

Box is now accessible on the Google Cloud Marketplace, while the upcoming Box AI metadata extraction API feature is set to launch next year.