OpenAI Will Power GenAI Capabilities within Twilio Customer Data Platform

Twilio customers will be able to use OpenAI's GPT-4 model to leverage new generative capabilities in Twilio Segment - Twilio's Customer Data Platform, and Twilio Engage - the company's multichannel marketing solution, also part of the customer data platform.

The integration will enable companies to create personalized, customer-focused experiences powered by OpenAI. Further, the integration is part of a technology "layer" - Twilio CustomerAI - that merges the power of predictive and generative AI with customer data that flows through Twilio's Customer Engagement Platform. Now, companies will be able to unlock more data, build an understanding of their customers and realize customer experience potential through a contact center with Twilio Flex.

“As AI drives down the cost of intelligence, it is increasingly possible for companies to deliver a deeply personalized experience for every customer. We know how much people want this, and we’re happy to be working with Twilio to bring it to the world. Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform will enable today’s and tomorrow’s large language models to unlock deep personalization at scale for every business,” said Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI. 

This integration with OpenAI brings a host of exciting opportunities for the Twilio community, particularly the 10 million developers that are already experimenting with it. Developers can build a ChatGPT plugin for Twilio Flex or create a voice-activated chatbot using Twilio's native speech recognition and Amazon Polly Neural text-to-speech capabilities with ChatGPT.

“It's clear that Large Language Models are the next wave of innovation in customer engagement. Experiences like ChatGPT are coming to the enterprise to power groundbreaking experiences in sales, service, content, marketing and more. Twilio CustomerAI enables companies to build customer-aware interactions – giving the language models context about the customer they're helping. Without customer-awareness, any ChatGPT-like experiences would be generic and unhelpful. But with CustomerAI, companies can transform LLMs into the most helpful, knowledgeable agent imaginable at scale,” said Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio.

The two companies share a strong dedication to developing AI safely and responsibly. Twilio does so by incorporating privacy and security as fundamental principles throughout its product development process, guaranteeing companies complete visibility and authority over the data utilized in AI-driven interactions with their clientele. Additionally, Twilio collaborates with a select group of reputable and top-tier partners who align with its stringent privacy and data protection criteria.