UserTesting Unveils Certified Agency Partner Program

UserTesting has introduced its certified partner program to equip digital agencies with comprehensive training, valuable resources, and cutting-edge technology to bolster their capabilities in UX research and design. By doing so, agencies are able to integrate customer sentiment seamlessly into their product development and experience creation processes for their clients, resulting in more scalable and efficient operations.

The UserTesting platform comes equipped with workspaces that facilitate the streamlined management of tests, templates, videos, and insights across multiple client accounts.

“We are thrilled to launch this new program and help digital agencies unlock the full potential of experience research and insights across their portfolio of work. By partnering with UserTesting, agencies can provide their clients with a deeper understanding of their users to more effectively validate concepts, test prototypes, and build products–leading to improved digital experiences, increased customer loyalty, and better business outcomes,” said Rob Vandenberg, VP, Channels and Alliances at UserTesting.

Gartner's Market Guide for Global Digital Marketing Agencies 2022 reveals that the demand for agency services has surged by more than 50% in the past year. This increased interest in digital agencies can be attributed to several factors, including budget constraints, substantial shifts in business models, difficulties in hiring talent internally, and a strong desire for access to new capabilities and creative ideas.

UserTesting offers a solution that enables agencies to move swiftly, conduct frequent experience testing and validation, and make customer-informed choices and recommendations within tight time frames.

In addition, agencies can reduce the amount of rework and revisions needed during client projects, ensuring smoother workflows and improved efficiency. According to CISQ1, companies currently spend around 30-35% of project time on rework, incurring a substantial cost of $2.41 trillion annually.

The certified agency program includes essential components such as comprehensive training, playbooks, and continuous education and support. This ensures that agencies can effectively incorporate human insights into their client engagement strategies throughout the entire process, from conceptualization to execution.

Laura Rae, Co-Founder of Openbox, expressed the company's dedication to transforming digital experiences for top Financial Services organizations over the years. As Openbox's digital transformation consultancy continues to expand, the UserTesting platform has played a crucial role in scaling its UX Research operations. By leveraging this platform, Openbox ensures that customer insights and empathy are central to every digital experience, especially in a domain as vital as financial services, where customers' financial well-being is at stake.

In other news, UserTesting has unveiled new product updates for its UserTesting Human Insight Platform, UserZoom UX Research Platform, and EnjoyHQ Platform.