NICE Introduces Next-Gen AI Solutions to Elevate CX to New Heights

NICE has introduced its latest innovations, including the next generation of Enlighten Copilot and Enlighten XM, to revolutionize CX across various touchpoints. By combining real-time analysis, contextual memory, and adaptive personalization, these solutions promise to redefine customer engagement and drive lasting loyalty.

Enlighten Copilot enhancements 

To transform customer experience (CX) dynamics, NICE has launched a suite of AI-driven solutions under the Enlighten Copilot umbrella. These innovations aim to provide CX employees at all levels with personalized augmentation, enhancing operational efficiency and analytical capabilities.

“The next gen NICE Enlighten Copilot is the industry's leading AI-powered employee assist purpose-built for CX. Built from thousands of models trained on CX-specific interactions, NICE Enlighten Copilot amplifies skilled labor, automating repetitive tasks and delivering faster access to knowledge. In combination with NICE Enlighten Actions, CX leaders can increase decision velocity and realize business goals faster, streamlining operations and ultimately driving exceptional customer experience,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE.

Enlighten Copilot introduces tailored solutions for agents, supervisors, and CX leaders, catering to their specific needs and responsibilities:

For Agents: Enlighten Copilot enhances agent-assisted interactions by providing real-time, context-driven recommendations and automating repetitive tasks.

For Supervisors: Enlighten Copilot offers a comprehensive view of agent performance, enabling targeted coaching and immediate action through real-time alerts.

For CX Leaders: Enlighten Copilot provides CX leaders with actionable insights and 100% visibility into operations, facilitating informed decision-making and workflow optimization.

Hyper-personalized customer journeys with Enlighten XM 

Additionally, NICE has unveiled Enlighten XM, a cutting-edge advancement in CX AI technology. By harnessing the power of large language models (LLMs) and deep data memory, Enlighten XM enables brands to deliver hyper-personalized interactions that seamlessly adapt to each customer's unique needs and preferences.

Enlighten XM elevates customer interactions to new heights by creating 360-degree customer insight by integrating data from various CX touchpoints and building individualized memory graphs for each customer, ensuring personalized interactions with full context.

The solution enables continuous conversational sync across channels and devices for seamless interactions and leverages an adaptive personalization engine to tailor responses based on past interactions and preferences dynamically.

“Personalized experiences have been a holy grail for organizations, but most have struggled to deliver due to technological limitations. NICE Enlighten XM shatters those barriers, empowering brands to deliver on the promise of true personalization finally. With NICE Enlighten XM, brands can build stronger relationships, drive unparalleled customer satisfaction, and lead the way in the future of customer experience. We're excited to make this vision a reality for our NICE CXone customers," said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE.

With the introduction of Enlighten Copilot and Enlighten XM, NICE paves the way for a new CX era characterized by enhanced employee productivity and hyper-personalized customer engagements.

At the beginning of the year, NICE finalized the acquisition of LiveVox, bringing together NICE's CXone platform and LiveVox's specialized AI-driven proactive outreach features.