Bloomreach Unveils AI-Driven Merchandising Feature for E-commerce 

Bloomreach has unveiled an AI-driven merchandising feature in its Bloomreach Discovery tool. Building upon its real-time segmentation capability, Bloomreach now provides behavioral-based merchandising, which allows users to tailor their merchandising strategies not only to product characteristics but also to shopper behaviors and demographic traits like interests, shopping patterns, or style preferences.

By aligning segmented personalization with product boosts and specific rules, merchandisers can achieve more favorable business results, capitalizing on shoppers' behavioral data to enhance the shopping experience.

“We’re continuing to innovate with merchandisers at the forefront of our strategy. Real-time segments introduced a level of scaled personalization that e-commerce search had never seen before. And now with the added functionality of behavioral-based merchandising, we’re giving merchandisers the power to take that personalization and make it even more impactful for their goals and KPIs. This is going to unlock even more ways for our merchandisers to optimize the e-commerce experience,” said Jordan Roper, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Discovery.

Bloomreach's real-time segments rely on the Customer Data Engine, which processes both historical customer profiles and current behavior as it happens, resulting in an unparalleled level of customer insight. Bloomreach's AI for e-commerce, known as Loomi, leverages this knowledge to categorize customers into segments designated by merchandisers, such as 'high-value shoppers,' 'luxury enthusiasts,' or 'casual clothing lovers.' Loomi then dynamically adapts search result rankings in real-time to ensure customers consistently encounter search results that are highly relevant to their preferences and behaviors.

Behavioral-based merchandising empowers merchandisers with enhanced control over search results. Users of Bloomreach Discovery can now tailor their merchandising efforts to maximize relevance by considering both behavioral and demographic data, thereby achieving more favorable business outcomes. By observing how various customer segments engage with product categories, merchandisers can fine-tune product displays, elevate specific products, and establish rules that align with their merchandising goals.

Similarly, Bloomreach has just introduced a new feature in its Bloomreach Engagement tool, enabling marketers to effortlessly integrate personalized content into their mobile apps without interrupting the user's scrolling experience.