LiveRamp and Pinterest Partner to Enable Marketers to Reach More People Worldwide

LiveRamp has expanded its partnership with Pinterest to enable advertisers to reach global audiences on Pinterest’s platform.

The partnership lets marketers reach their customers on Pinterest through seamless activation on RampID, LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, which is tied to a record in the LiveRamp identity graph. In addition, LiveRamp's Data Collaboration platform users can easily activate Pinterest as a destination via LiveRamp.

Now, marketers can reach customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

“We’re excited to continue building on the momentum of our privacy-centric data collaboration and measurement partnerships with LiveRamp. We’re now enabling even more marketers around the world to activate on Pinterest without compromising on control or privacy. Global marketers can build better campaigns with LiveRamp and Pinterest today. They can also build campaigns with the confidence that this partnership is sustainable beyond third-party cookie deprecation and other ecosystem shifts,” said Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer at Pinterest.

LiveRamp has previously made its interoperable clean room technology available to Pinterest advertisers. This technology protects first-party data and makes it readily available within the broader ad tech ecosystem. It is also said to provide advanced analytics without compromising data protection.

For Pinterest advertisers, this means they can join together select first-party data with Pinterest platform data in a secure environment.

“In this evolving macroeconomic climate, every dollar marketers spend must be addressable and measurable, and we’re excited to offer marketers across the world the ability to seamlessly leverage RampID for people-based marketing on Pinterest, enabling better campaigns and better measurement. By building on identity that can power better data collaboration in the future, marketers can begin building enduring brand and business value,” said Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations & Addressability, LiveRamp.

With Google set to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome by 2024, marketers are prioritizing cookieless campaigns. LiveRamp’s fully cookieless integration with Pinterest allows people-based marketing without marketers having to give up control over customers’ personal information or send data outside of their organization.

Each month, more than 465 million people use Pinterest to explore new products and services for their closet or their new home, making them a potential customer base for advertisers worldwide.